Chinese Pilot Grounded After Picture of Woman in Flight Deck Goes Viral

You heard right, going with the whole non-pilot people in the flight deck thing… we have this.

A Chinese pilot has been grounded, and his flight cert has been suspended after a picture of a woman getting to sit in the flight deck, while in mid-flight, went viral on social media. This sparked outrage over a breach of safety rules in China’s government.

“The photo was spotted by a Chinese aviation blogger on Sunday. The blogger identified that the image was taken on an Air Guilin plane mid-flight, and criticized the airline for disregarding flight safety. The woman has since deleted the original photo on her Weibo account.” -CNN

Monday, the airline said it had suspended the unnamed pilot from flying duties “for life” for violating civil aviation rules, while other members of the flight crew had been banned indefinitely, pending further investigation. -CNN

The pilot has been fired from the airline and may have his cert permanently removed. The government has also considered putting him on a flying blacklist, preventing him from flying anywhere whether as a pilot or a passenger. However, this has not been 100% confirmed.

As for the woman, she deleted her social media pages and has also been considered to be blacklisted from flying.

“The woman was identified as a student taking a flight attendant course at the Guilin Tourism University, according to the state-run People’s Daily. It is unclear whether she is personally connected to the pilot.”

All this over a picture…


Is she drinking tea?

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No idea…

And for good reason too! As a passenger, you wouldn’t feel comfortable with an unlicensed person sitting at the controls during flight. Not only did he break the rules, but the captain put everyone’s life in danger.


Agreed. However, I believe that putting him on a travel/flying blacklist may be a bit extreme.

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Makes sense after what happened to Aeroflot Flight 593…

The rule should be followed. No matter who it is!


There is words for this that cant be said on the form.

Discrasfull, stupid, silly. I could go on. Why would he do such a thing 🧐

How does that accident have anything to do with this?

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How has that got anything to do with this?

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He was referring to past incidents like this that have caused bad outcomes.

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The company’s executives were punished as well.

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Thats just stupid. But I can see why.

As that would be a once in a lifetime experience for many, including myself, id never say yes mid flight. Maybe standing in the back or sitting in the back seat, and watching at most.

Excuse me for saying back seat can’t think of what the seats actually called

First, they are called Jump Seats. Second, I agree. Flying a plane is hard enough, but being up there like that is a danger.


Thank you for reminding me🙂 and yea, even though autopilot can do it all, if programmed right, what if, the plane just dove. Now as qualified as a first officer is, it’d take two experienced pilots to stop a dive safety.


Xu Xin, the Air Guilin CEO, was issued a “serious warning” + three-month salary cut
Qu Taoji, General Manager, received a “major warning”+ three-month salary cut + demotion
Yang Wenzhong, Deputy Maintenance Manager, received a three-month salary cut
Yin Ruiji, Safety Director, received a three-month salary cut
Shi Ziqiaoand, General Manager of the Air Security Department, received a three-month salary cut

China took this incident so seriously that they cut the wages of the airlines CEO, the general manager, the maintenance manager, the safety director and the general manager of the air security department, for the next 3 months.

That’s China for you. They do not take things lightly. Just look at 1989.

Put what happened in 89 aside, China takes aviation safety really serious and the regulations and SOPs for ATCs and pilots are pretty strict.

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What happened in that square was a major thing. It is a horrible thing.

I am glad they do, China is a major aviation powerhouse. I am glad the government focuses on Av Safety. It is really good to know they want to keep their skies safe.

I know, but I don’t think this topic really suit with this forum.

It’s good but also it’s not that good. Many people including those who works in the industry thinks that having regulations that strict is too much. Of course precautions are never too much as long as it keeps those flights safe. But it sometimes affects the efficiency.