Chinese high-quality flight regions and liveries

Good morning everyone!
I found that the game developers have intentionally set up “flight regions” (to my words) that have high-quality 3D airports and a massive range of liveries. Though I do understand building up these could take time, I noticed that there are actually quite some Class Delta airports equipped with 3D buildings. I’m quite worried if the game focused too much on European and American regions, but probably forgets that China is also a strong country in terms of commercial aviation. China has got a little over 4500 planes in the sky and at least 235 4C+ airports. It really turns out there is a lack of Chinese-themed features.
As an example, the 4 biggest airlines in America (saying AA, UA, WN, DL) all have over 5 liveries in the game, though the 4 biggest airlines in China (saying CZ, CA, MU, HU) only have 3, 4, 1, 1 (in order) in the game which really seems a lack in balanced development in the game.
Other great airports regions could be set up, such as {ZBAA, ZBBB, ZBAD, ZBTJ, ZBNY, ZBTS, ZBZJ, ZBSJ}, {ZSSH, ZSYN, ZSNT, ZSWX, ZSNJ, ZSHC, ZSNB, ZSPD, ZSSS, ZSZS}, {ZGGG, ZGFS, ZGSZ, ZSGD, VMMC, VHHH, VHHX}. Yet these might not be familiar to all of us, these are the most important and busy airspaces in China. They are just as important and busy as the London airspace New York airspace.
This is the thing I’ve came up of, since I personally as for a balanced development of game experience. Thank you to those who can actually read all these…


I think it’s best to take the view of an airport editor and understand why there aren’t as many 3D airports in China. While I can’t comment on why this is also the case with aircraft liveries, hopefully, this also matches the trend with airports, and thus, give you a better insight into why some liveries have come, and why some airports have come.

We’ll start with airports. Airport editors are all hand-picked from the community. A large part of it is from America and Europe due to the simple fact that there are more people from America and Europe playing the game. I am positively sure that if there were more players from Asia, and in specific, more from China, we would see plenty more airports in China receive 3D buildings.

Alongside that, the production process of 3D buildings means that a lot of information gathered online, may be available for many airports outside of China, however, this isn’t always the case with China given information is quite restricted. Couple this with complex building structures which you can often find at airports in China, it may be too complex for the current editing system to handle, you can see why editors are not taking on airports like this.

However, looking at the liveries side of things. Historically, Chinese liveries have not featured predominantly in the game for the simple purpose that there is no demand for it. I’m not saying that the developers are intentionally doing this to push the Chinese community away, however, given a large portion of their community, as mentioned above, come from America and Europe, there will naturally be a larger demand for liveries from those regions of the world, rather than Asia. That said, this has been noted within the community, and the last few updates have seen quite a few liveries from China coming to the game, which I am also very happy about.

Lastly, this can be applied to both liveries and airports, however, Infinite Flight is known to keep their cards close to their chest, so you never know what they have planned. For all you know, there might be plenty of airports in China that are going to receive 3D buildings, and plenty of liveries being planned. The best thing you could do for liveries at this point in time is to show your support for the requests in the #features category, as staff do pay attention to what is popular, and may use the community to make a decision on the direction that their development should take.

I hope this offers some insight into why some features were added and why others are not. China is a fantastic region, and I would love to fly there more. I do look forward to seeing more representation from China given I have roots linking myself back to Xiamen.


China is sorta a mess actually. There has never been much of an audience because IF is only on Google play on Android, then China banned IF.

There is definitely no racial bias though. Hong Kong and Taiwan airlines are well represented. So this is mostly a low demand issue. There is also the issue that there are some legal issues with mapping in China.

I definitely want to see more mainland China in the game for sure. There is currently still no 3D domestic flights within China (flights to HK/TW/MC are considered international). Hoping for ZSSS or ZSPD some time soon.

BTW, for the aircraft count, China Eastern and China Southern also both has B77Fs.


Thank you for clarifying. I understand your viewpoint, however, I do not agree that demand should be linked to gaming experience. If you say reginal demands is linked to reginal gaming experience, then I shall argue for a fairer pricing system.

Yet not everyone is provided with the chance to play IF, there are legal ways to pass through, such as using VPN and downloading Google Play servicings. On Apple devices, people can register with foreign accounts in order to download and these methods are widely used among Chinese Android and Apple users. Though I do admit that there is a lower demand, but just to make it fair compared to the universal pricing, the gaming experience should be always the same.

As a Chinese myself I totally understand your thoughts. Though I do want more 3D airports in China, I kinda appreciate the current situation, where the lack of domestic 3D airport forces me to explore the world. If the airports you listed are 3D in the initial releases, I’m sure I’ll only be flying in China, missing all the fun in other parts of the world. This kind of experience also enhanced my knowledge to some extent.

Another reason I would like to mention, regarding the lack of 3D in China, is that not much editors are now engaged in scenery editing than before. Back to the days when IFAET is in full swing, we can see 20+ Chinese airports with updated layout in a single navigation update. Currently the Chinese members of IFAET that I know are all idle, because they don’t have access to the new scenery editor. Hopefully this year the editor becomes more stable so that more people can join the editing workforce! I’m considering applying for IFAET when they restart recruiting people.


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