Chinese Authorities Ground 737 MAX 8s

Not sure if this has been posted on the forum yet. A sad day for aviation. I hope the Ethiopian and Lionair crashes aren’t related, but hope is not a strategy…


That’s a big deal, they’re are quite a few of them over there, and it definitely sets a precedent…


Indonesia has already ordered the grounded of 737-Max 8


Hmmm, honestly I’m not sure if there’s a problem with the max, I think it’s more likely the crashes have been pilot error. There is a lot of new technology in Max’s, and I think a lot of pilots are still not used to them (I know they were trained) but it’s very hard to break bad habits.


Wow this is stunning. I wonder if any US carriers will ground planes.


Fair, there was certainly an outstanding airworthiness directive for the MCAS, but the manufacturer also has a duty to ensure their airframes are as easy as possible to maneuver, especially in high stress situations.

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We obviously don’t know about today’s incident, but in the Lion air, the plane pretty much forced it’s self into the ground because of a misbehaving sensor, and as the Chinese Aviation authorities put it “they have certain similarities”

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This is definitely going to hit the MAX program if it is found to be a fault in the design

Should be interesting see what caused this

There’s over 90 MAX aircraft in China, this is a big deal… They will keep them grounded until Boeing it the FAA say they are safe to fly.

Yes,China have 96 MAX in service,CAAC(Civil Aviation Administration of China)For the safety reasons,There all stop service for now.

Don’t forget that the lion Air pilots weren’t properly trained by Boeing in what to do in that situation.

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I don’t see what grounding planes will do. Do we know if it was the plane or human error?

It’s because we can’t be certain at this point in time if the Lion Air crash is related to this one, that people are taking precautions and grounding the planes. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and I’m assuming they’ve crunched the numbers and the loss in revenue is worth the PR gain and the possible fallout if another 7M8 goes down. They’ll put them back into service once we get a reason and a fix is made.

A lot, It won’t allow pilots to fly it in case there’s something technically wrong with it. If there is, Boeing can come back and retrain pilots/Maintenance on how to fix the issue. It’s kinda normal to see jets grounded after accidents so close together.

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Well said, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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That’s true. Thanks

The airlines are taking safety precautions. Grounding them will prevent another accident if the airliner has faulty designs. Government officials are still trying to determine the cause of the accidents.

Take what you will from it but it appears that certain information was withheld and not made a big priority to make customers aware of, to the point that they may not have been teaching pilots how to deal with this situation. After the Lion Air distaster there was an outcry from airlines which operate it including United and Southwest but ultimately Boeing from what I can tell intentionally did this to avoid having to make airlines provide additional extensive training ie to sell more planes.

Since both 737 Max 8 types crashed shortly after takeoff due to something apparently related to an anti stall computer related condition acronymed as MCAS …and for whatever the reason the pilots are not capable of coping with it’s sophistication… then this at least potentially connotates an evidential connection between the two crashes and the aircraft should remain grounded until the exact cause(s) of the incidents are determined and summarily rectified no matter how long that takes to insure the safety of the aviating public