Chinese Airspace Altitude Cheat Sheet

That is all. 😎

Credit: Claire To Land (Pilot Briefing - China)

Edit: Also, see this fantastic topic in Community Tutorials:
How to fly in China Airspace - Part 1


Very useful, thank you!!

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You’re very welcome.

Just found a nice looking one while browsing around, figured I’d share.

This is great reference. I personally just use the standard East/West rules in all airspace (yep Realism™ junkies) for simplicity sake, as I have no desire to research all airspace rules. I might think about changing that if there was a simple searchable catalog with this type of information for all airspace that has “different” rules.

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I definitely hear you on that one, so much to know. However, there is just something about Chinese airspace that makes me want to fly the proper numbers. Not really sure why…

I wonder if meters are supported on the end of the IFATC guys in terms of altitude instructions. That could actually make a good feature request for radar facilities in China, DPRK and Mongolia.

Either way, nice to see many people promoting the use of these altitudes.

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Not sure if I want to go that real…

It would be a constant: “Hey Siri, what’s 12100 metres into feet?” :D


It is not. Feet in 500ft increments is the only option for altitude assignment.


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