Chinese 744ERFs for sale on Taobao

Ever wanted to buy your very own 747-400ERF? This is your chance! With 4 (four!) General Electric CF-6s thrown in together with an entire plane, this is the deal of a lifetime! You’d have to be mental to pass such a great offer up! In fact, there are 3 up for grabs here, so you can have 2 spares for when the first one eventually fails due to the fact that they’ve been kept in absolutely horrendous conditions!

Whats more, you can bid from the comfort of your own home!

Shipping/handling fees not included. International Shipping not included, buyer pays own postage.

Original BBC article here:

Just because of the condition, the planes are unfortunately probably only good for spares at this point. If you’re feeling rich you could also pick one up and turn it into a house to stay in…


Knowledge of the Chinese language is also vital in finding the “bid” button 😂


Not my kind of thing. Also a cargo plane. Also been in storage since '12.

Don’t worry. I think I found it.

Haha if you’ve got the pennies for one, you must have enough for the refurb! 😂

Let’s see if they’ll settle for a fiver.


Honestly, I don’t think I’ll need a private jet as huge as 747 =P


I’ll go in with 5GBP. 50/50 split?

Nvm google translate activated. The 744 is broken.

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Well if shipping and handling is included in the price, yeh it might be nice to get another 747 in the backyard. Thanks for this info, will look into buying one


Sure thing, let me just get a small loan of 25 million dollars.

Can wait to lounge around in my cargo 747!


Taobao is like our cheap version of eBay except crazier.


Jade Cargo’s livery looks really good on the 744.

My chinese tells me the cheaper options comes with only 3 engines.

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Cannot confirm, know Chinese yet am extremely lost…

No-one needs a jet that huge, not just you!

It’s certified for take-off with an engine out anyways, that’s what its for! Besides, the cheaper planes are probably worth more in spares at this point as there are still quite a few 744Fs flying as people don’t want to drop money on brand new 748Fs.


You’re supposed to pay a bond or guarrante money first.

Medium option $25826259.76AUD


25 million? For the money I’d get a G550ER, at least that would be airworthy!

Also taking bets now for if the planes would be sold by the end of the auction :P


Still less than the iPhone X…


@Iggydang. MaxSez: Bizarre 1 time novelty item from “Trade/Buy a Plane” Publication. Note the peanuts scrambled for the bait. Obviously things are quite in Singapore. How about some photo from Changi next time. Regards


Hey Max,

Actually, I’m having exams in a few weeks so haven’t had the time to go out to Changi and spot, but I’ll dig through all my files and pull out a few more that haven’t been posted here if you’d like.