China's Aviation Is Recovering - China Eastern Plans To Resume 70%-80% Of Flights

Looks like 0 international flights today and 1 widebody flight, which was Tianjin Airlines from Tianjin on an A330-300.

The flight received a water canon salute


I hope this won’t reboot the epicenter to be Wuhan again.

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The first departure out of WUH was China Eastern 2527 to Sanya.

Looks like the first arrival and departure at WUH were captured in the same shot.

Image per @hitchin1066


i think it’s better than one months before .

China Southern has resumed its Wuhan to New York flight.

This will probably anger a bunch of people, but from an aviation perspective, this symbolizes more recovery for the market.

However, this may be a cargo-only flight, but it’s using the old pax flight number.


Obviously it could be an all cargo flight like you said, but if it has paying passengers, that’s just careless, by China, China Southern and the United States. From what I’ve heard, Wuhan has had a small spike in cases since reopening and it’s just not smart to launch flights between literally the two most Covid impacted cities in the world. This news to be baby steps, this would just be careless To start already

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From my knowledge, it is certainly a cargo flight… :)

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China Eastern Airlines is increasing capacity significantly.


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