China to Texas Trip Report

This trip report is from flight AA128 that I did during the Shanghai community event where I flew from Shanghai to DFW 08APR23 - Air China Virtual Presents: Shanghai Extravaganza


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April 7- April 8

Arriving at Terminal 2 in Shang Hi

Our Plane sitting at the gate, Our plane is N775AN a 1999 built Boeing 777-200ER

Boarding via the L2 door and turning to the left for our business class seat.

Here is my view from Seat 5A, I really hope it’s worth the $7714 price.

After all 265 passengers, 99950KG of Fuel and 11312kg of Cargo are loaded we made the long taxi out to runway 33 which ended up taking 25 minutes because of all the traffic.

Take off from runway 33, we rotated around 150 kts and climbed to our initial cruising altitude of FL310

Shorty after takeoff I fell asleep and I woke up as our plane was at FL410 and just west of Abilene, we began our descent 10 minutes later.

Short Final for 18R, passing Texas 114 and the airport perimeter road

A local plane spotter caught our plane landing on 18R while at Founders Plaza

Welcome to DFW, we are parked at Gate D27A and your baggage claim will be International Bag Claim 5. Our Flight time was 12 hours and 24 minutes and we burned 74200kg of fuel, the service was amazing and that business class ticket was definitely worth it

Bonus shot

Event Traffic!


They started using the 787-8 for this routes

But other than that 10/10

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I flew this back in April when it was still on a 772

Creative! 😄


Is Infinite Flight operations working for you? It stopped working for me months ago… And nice shots ✈️

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It doesn’t work anymore but I worked in April when I flew this flight

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