China Southern Virtual Group | Fly into your Dreams | Official Thread 2021

Welcome to China Southern Virtual Group Official Thread


Founded in July 2021, China Southern Virtual Group is founded when the idea of bringing another China-based airline to Infinite Flight started. Our hubs at Guangzhou Baiyun and Beijing Daxing. As one of the largest airlines in China, we fly to more than 300+ destinations 1000+routes from our hubs and focus cities to many places around the world. We also have a large variety of fleets you can fly! Come and join China Southern Virtual Group to Fly Into Your Dreams.

CEO's Message

Welcome IF Pilots

Warmly welcome to China Southern Virtual Group’s official thread. I am the CEO and founder of this new virtual airline. We hope to bring you an excellent experience and fly together as aviation enthusiasts. You can become one of our staff or our pilots. Our virtual airline has a significant number of routes and aircraft to fly and even more coming with codeshares.
Come and join us in the skies.

And Stay Safe, Take Care

Nelson S
CEO & Founder of China Southern Virtual

Position Name
Chief Executing Officer @GDS111006
Chief Operating Officer @junj_c23
Routes Manager @MasonJoe
Events Manager @icytwist
Human Resource Manager @FC_Clouds
ATC Manager @black

Our ranking system consists of Second Officer, First Officer, Senior First Officer, Captain, Senior Captain, and Fleet Captain


Our fleet consisting a large variety of aircraft including E190, A320, B737, B757, A330, B777, B787, A350, A380, and B747


We also have ROTW which allows you to fly out of your rank

China Southern operated to 300+ destinations and 6000+ routes which is a handful number of routes to explore the world, More to come with Codeshare Partnership

Website and Crew Center hosted with Hostinger. Crew Center Provided by VAnet

  • Must be 13 years of age or older
  • Must be Grade 3 or above in Infinite Flight
  • Must have an IFC account​
  • Must not be on the IFVARB’s user blacklist​
  • ​Must have an active Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • Must be in good standing on the IFC
  • Able to use discord

3 - Pending Codeshares

Ready to join?

Start your journey with CZVG today. Click the link below to apply!


Preparing a new thread. PM us for any inquiries

China Southern Virtual Group is a virtual airline exclusively for the Infinite Flight platform. We have no connection or affiliation with China Southern Group or any other real-world airlines/organizations and subsidiaries. All logos and trademarks remain the property of China Southern Group.


CZ is one of my favorite airline and I have been waited for this VA for so long! Congrats for approval!


Amazing thread! Congratulations on your approval.

Founder & President
Saudia Virtual


Thanks, GT ! :)

Thanks, Glad to be a codeshare partner of SaudiaVirtual

Nelson S
Founder & CEO

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Congrats on approval 🎉

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Congratulations @ChinaSouthernVG 🎉

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Thanks, Yuzhe!

Thanks, Syncline!

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Nice thread, Congratulations on your approval!

Founder & CEO
Air Europa Virtual

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Thanks, Jay!

Thanks, Glad to be your codeshare partners.

So great to see a Chinese airline group being made! As a Singaporean living in Shanghai, it makes me feel empowered (somehow, idk lol) but yea, makes me feel proud to know that I know the VA being made


As Chinese, I’m glad to see another Chinese Virtual airline! Can’t wait to join!😁

Congrats for your Approved IFVARB friends!

Thanks, M1llard! Your words make us feel proud!

Thanks, Eric! I Will send you a PM soon

Thanks! Air Asia VA

Nelson S
CEO & Founder

That’s so great!

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Thanks, Alan! We are still trying to get better.

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Awesome thread, Congratulations on your approval! I wish VA all the best!

Thanks, Renan!

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Congratulations CZVG! What a wonderful thread!

Philippine Airlines Virtual

Thanks, Lester and Philippine VA

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