China Southern to Officially Leave Skyteam Alliance

Breaking news from the world airline alliance sky team.

China Southern Airlines has decided not to renew its contract from the alliance Skyteam. This will be effective starting the 1st of January 2019. CZ will slowly transition out of the alliance with its partners and customers throughout the year and will be completed towards the end of 2019.

More information can be found using the link above from Skyteam.

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What are your thoughts? Where will China Southern end up?


What are YOUR thoughts?
Also, the title doesn’t make sense… you want to change a few words 😉


I think, it creates a small gap that either Star Alliance or Oneworld are gonna try and grab. As well as the possibility of a new alliance being created by CZ. I honestly think that with the state of Qatar in Oneworld, and now CZ leaving Skyteam, I think they could partner together and create an alliance and have more carriers join (WestJet, Virgin Australia, Atlantic, JetBlue, just to name a few).

Also with the title, there are many topics already posted that were made months ago, that weren’t official and was just speculation.

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Well I think that China Southern might go downhill a bit. It may try to join another alliance,or start another,but we don’t know. CZ had a lot codeshares based on the alliance.

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With the current state of Virgin Australia, I personally doubt they’d join a supposed new alliance by CZ. It is already major partners with Delta (SkyTeam) as well as Singapore Air (Star Alliance). Just my grain of salt.

They might end up to the One World Alliance.Well China Southern Vritual I guess your not in the sky team alliance anymore

Weird…perhaps in this day and age of LCCs, the alliance is an outdated concept? Should everyone fend for themselves?

These are some speculations from Chinese avgeeks.

In the official announcement of CZ they did mention to “strengthen the cooperations with major arilines including AA” (this is not a code I used here; they literally wrote the two letters) while quitting. Might be a sign of joining Oneworld. Or probably because they picked AA for alphabetic reason.

If it did happen, would be pretty interesting to see all big threes in China in different alliances (Air China in Star Alliance, China Eastern in Skyteam). It is also possible to see CZ and Hainan team up to start a new alliance.

But who knows… For now frequent flyers have already started to redeem alliance tickets before it’s too late.

FlyXEG? lol

Star Alliance is open haha.

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