China Southern Liveries


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China Southern Airbus A380-800
China Southern Boeing 777-300ER
China Southern A380

I think you do have a point.


Totally agree.

It’s a little frustrating that we have all A380s except the China Southern one.


77W CZ filler


787 livery looks so good


I agree 100%


Oh my god, one of the gorgeous A388 liveries in the whole entire world!


One feature request per topic. Dont enforce anything if you dont enforce it on yourself:/


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Well thats what it says. One feature request per topic just like people requets a bunch of planes and then they are told to make individual topics for each one


As Air Austral cancelled their order, and Transaero may not get it, I suggest a realistic operator for the a380. China Southern is that realistic livery. Plus, it is a beautiful livery.


one feature request per topic


Dont enforce the rule if you dont enforce it on yourself


Your fine. You did the topic correctly dont listen to rotate @El_Alex


Yes-Why didn’t the devs add China Southern? Transaero livery is so ugly, bland, out of date, and the order may end up like Virgin Atlantic


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^^ @Rotate made this topic and he made this China Southern Airbus A380-800 and this today
China Southern Boeing 777-300ER


Well, I guess he likes China southern.


Sorry Ian.