China Southern Hilarious Advertisement

Credit to China Southern. Excelent way to get new customers, specially from western cultures

It’s just a commercial. Come on, don’t expect it to be realistic

May god have mercy on those grorgeous aircraft…horrendous commercial. I feel so bad for the planes that fly these sorts 😂😂👍🏼

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I have to agree, there were a lot of faults in that commercial. Especially the chef part: their service is horrible.

@jdag2004 No, you don’t. China Southern is the worst airline, from my experiences at least (and I’ve had a lot of them)


…Why am I even watching this…

Too long. Not bothering.

At that time, it was the Chinese year of the horse.

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Ahh more odd chinese commercials lol

Nice dance hahaha

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What dose a mouse, horse and fox have to do with airlines
Why are they offering beer and alcohol to a horse
Why do they think they can beat HK airlines

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