China Southern Hilarious Advertisement

Official advertisement. Absolutely hilarious.


What did you just make me watch?? I’m scarred for life now 😭😂


That was actually really funny! Props to China Southern.


Okay I officially have PTSD , who is going to pay for my trauma counseling ?


Erm I don’t know what i think about the video 😂

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Ha ha😂 That was so funny

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Sitting in an airport lounge wishing I was flying with them now…


This video made me crazy! 😂😂

Idk why I want to touch the replay button for times


So ridiculous! Anyways that China Southern A380 is a beauty.

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I am not going to watch the video. Too scared now

I swear, these asians…
What the hell did I just watch…
Wish Men in black could erase my memory.

To be honest nothing to be worried about , it is just some of those freaky dance moves that disturb me … :)

Lol, very funny 😂😂

When was this actually made?

Problems with the video:

  • That’s not a fox, it’s a horse
  • No security, so he could be carrying a bomb or a water bottle
  • Where did his bag go, no unattended bags in airports
  • Horses/Foxes can’t skip.
  • Everyone knows that airport workers are all miserable, they wouldn’t wave back.
  • That pilot should be setting up the FMS, not greeting passengers
  • Chefs don’t serve food



I prefer watching ads for Air Koryo…

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Some Airlines they do, like Turkish Airlines

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What is it?

My gosh people, it’s just a commercial! I thought it was funny. I didn’t watch it and then nitpick it for any flaws. It’s just a commercial!

HILARIOUS. glad to see an airline that doesn’t want to make everything sexy, and romantic and executive and serious. lovely commercial