China Southern E190

China Southern Airlines Company Limited is an airline headquartered in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. Established on 1 July 1988 following the restructuring of the CAAC Airlines that acquired and merged a number of domestic airlines, the airline became one of China’s “Three Biggest” airlines, the world’s sixth-largest airline measured by passengers carried and Asia’s[largest airline in fleet size, and passengers carried. With its main hubs at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Beijing Daxing International Airport, the airline operates more than 2,000 flights to more than 200 destinations daily.The logo of the airline consists of a kapok flower (which is also the city flower of Guangzhou) on a blue tail fin.The company slogan is Fly into your dreams (Chinese: 飞向您的梦想).

China Southern used this aircraft to fly to domestic destinations and Hong Kong/ Macao/ Taiwan/ International Destinations

Credit @CharlieChang

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Nice to see more China’s airline in IF


this is very necessary, today I was seeing how the narrow-body aircraft fleet in China is tiny in IF


Can u imagine, there is no China Southern and China Eastern’s narrow aircraft in IF.
They are all the biggest airline in the whole world


well this is why I am requesting for this livery, more narrow body aircrafts of airlines from China needs to come to IF


Wish they could have China southern and China Eastern for 320 series

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How did I not know they had these!