China Southern B788 incident @ Auckland

A China Southern Airlines Boeing 787-800, registration B-2733 performing flight CZ-336 from Auckland (New Zealand) to Guangzhou (China) with 212 people on board, departed Auckland’s runway 23L when the left hand engine (GEnx) failed prompting the crew to stop the climb at 4000 feet and shut the engine down. The aircraft returned to Auckland for a safe landing on runway 23L about 35 minutes after departure.


Glad to hear everything went well and the aircraft landed safely !

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Hope that everyone will feel great

Oh, hopefully no injuries.

happy anniversary @Lucasmacines5 ;)

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787-8😁, is there anything that says what caused the failure?

Another engine failure…
Earlier this month/week (Im not sure when) an ANA 787-9 had an engine failure shortly after takeoff

It is fairly normal, aircraft engines are volatile machinery, they don’t need a lot of provocation to either fail or blow up.

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still waiting for that spot for airbus lovers.

Sully’s back at it again.

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