China Southern B757-200 is WRONG ( v20.3 )

In real world, all China Southern B757-200 doesn’t have Winglet

Actually, all B757-200 in China doesn’t have Winglet too. Our devs build Air China B757 right, but China Southern B757 is WRONG !

China Southern B757-200 in Infinite Flight ↓ ↓ ↓

China Southern B757-200 in real world ↓ ↓ ↓

It’s really a BIG MISTAKE. This leads to the perception that devs are not rigorous enough in their textual research. So…I really wish devs can fix this problem in next vision.



This has been mentioned multiple times in both public and #open-beta topics/replies. I am sure that this is noted internally and will be fixed in due time.


Kudos to u mate.

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Yeah I feel like this was a bit rushed. Winglets on the China southern livery, white engines on a plane that’s supposed to have blue ones, and no overwing exits on variants that should have them. And I have heard some negative things about the physics. I appreciate all the work IF has put into this airplane. The 757 is my favorite, and I just hope it’s up to snuff with everything else.

Not sure where you got this from. As far as I can tell, the physics are nearly 1:1. It’s just people complaining because the plane is too sensitive for their liking.


They’ve had a little bit of a limited time frame as after mid-December, the holidays begin. You couldn’t even imagine the complaints if 20.3 was delayed to 2021.

The physics all in all are amazing, they are basically exactly like flying a real world 757-200!


Thanks for the heads up! This is a known issue and will be fixed in due time.


Thanks for reporting the issue. I just fixed it. It’s a simple mistake that can happen. On our end it was just a entry in a file to modify.