China Southern Airlines fully painted flight!

Tomorrow evening (time zone: Shanghai UTC-8 hours), I will participate in an event organized by CZVG. Before starting, I would like to fly some China Southern Airlines painting planes to warm up, as it is my first time flying this formal event

First, find a flight in mission mode from Hong Kong to Jieyang and take photo at Hong Kong International Airport! On the training server.

Second, take a photo at Shenzhen Airport and the terminal after taking off from Shenzhen.

Third, flying from the capital of Beijing to Daxing, the terminal under the sunset looks very beautiful with a plane.

Fourthly, fly at the worldโ€™s highest civilian airport. I hope to arrive here in reality in the future.

Fifth, at London Heathrow International Airport

Finally, take a look at the only China Southern Airlines aircraft with a less delicate cockpit

I hope that the 737-800 or other I shot can become a loading background in the future๐Ÿ˜


I am really looking forward to next yearโ€™s A380 has China Southern Airlines


Why cant I see B738 livery in aircrafts list? ๐Ÿ˜‚


Youโ€™re right, this thing randomly appears in mission mode, it depends on your luck

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Uh, as you can see, we do not have that China Southern Livery B737-800 in the game. So how did you get that China Southern Livery on the B737-800?

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Looks like it was confirmed to be coming to the sim in April:

Must be a bug that it isnโ€™t available in the normal selection menu, or a bug that is is in some missions before its official release. If you want to you could probably raise this to a Support topic to get the staffโ€™s attention if this isnโ€™t already an issue they are aware of. Canโ€™t see this mentioned anywhere else on the forum in a quick search.

(Nvm I just sent a message so hopefully this will get to whoever needs to see it)


Good photos๏ผ

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