China Southern Airlines Boeing 757-200

How come no one requested this livery yet?image

If this is a duplicate, my apologies, I searched everywhere and couldn’t find anything.


Maybe, would be a nice addition

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Very nice, would love this livery on the 757.

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Wow 😳! This is an absolutely amazing jet!

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Amazing aircraft and would be a great addition :)

Gorgeous livery! On the other hand, you should specify the photo’s source.

Yes, I would LOVE this livery. Just traveled with China Southern a few months ago. And also this livery would be good on the a380 ;)

They have really improved over the last few years. Really impressed with them.

Looks great! Would go well with a 757 rework, if it ever comes. ;)

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Voted! Hope to see it soon

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I might be spoliling somethin but the this livery is in the 20.3 and had winglets for some reason



This seems to be fixed in the official release

Yea i seen it

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