China Southern Airlines A321
Details about the airline and the aircraft:

  1. China Southern Airlines is the largest airline in Republic People’s of China, as well as the largest airline in Asia.
  2. China Southern Airlines is the world’s second largest A321 operator, just behind American Airlines.
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Reasons for requesting this livery:

  1. The 787-8 is the only plane to have China Southern Airlines livery.
  2. The old topic is outdated and lacked of important pieces of information.
  3. Some Infinite Flight players like to fly planes with China Southern Airlines livery.

Would be nice to see these taxiing around, but I am my limit for votes. You have my support though.

I love the a321, and this livery fits it very well

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I agree. We need more missing major airlines of China and the rest of the countries around the world.

Yes, we need this!

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We need this livery for the a321 or B738

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Yea the 757 is cool but the A321 (or even the 738) would be cool for people who want realism

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definitely want to see China Southern Livery on more aircraft

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We definitely need more Chinese narrow bodies!

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We definitely need this!! Great for short-hauls in Asia!

Bump! Lets get this into IF, as this is a major aircraft for CZ short haul ops, along with the A320-200!

Fat bump! Flew one of these back in February, they’re beautiful with the sharklets