China Southern Airline B737-300

Hi. All IFC member,

I would like to add it in Infinite Flight. Hope you enjoy this plane.

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Aircraft info: * CN/MSN: 26084

  • LINE No: 2460
  • Registration: B-2911
  • Airline: China Southern Airlines
  • Delivery Date: 1993-04-20
  • Engine Model: CFM56-3B1

Age: 27 years 7 months

Well we don’t have classic 737s
There is a B738 request somewhere though.


Can you help me how to make votes?

It’s a-ok to have a livery request’s for aircraft not yet in the sim. I have my own for the 727 (which probably will never be added, but oh well)

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hey! nice request! already voted @Fung_Sum-sum

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