China Southern A350 some cool shots

In the 22.8 update, the new China Southern A350 came to meet us!
As a plane lover from China, I can’t wait to try it!
Enjoy my photos and tell me which one you like best!
(fly in solo)
Uploading: InfiniteFlight_2022-12-10-07-03-34.JPG…
Uploading: InfiniteFlight_2022-12-10-07-05-42.JPG…
Uploading: InfiniteFlight_2022-12-10-07-06-11.JPG…
Uploading: InfiniteFlight_2022-12-10-07-07-22.JPG…
Uploading: InfiniteFlight_2022-12-10-07-10-36.JPG…

Which one do you like best?

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Looks like some of the shots did not finish uploading. Could you fix that? You are also not allowed more than 10 screenshots per topic, I would suggest removing 2 you don’t like as much.

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looks very cool!

Underrated airline, would love to see it.

CZ needs 738 and 320
But there is the E190 to fill in for the time being (kinda funny cuz it’s retired lol)