China Southern 77W speculation

Found this on infiniteflight’s Instagram. I know this has to be a new one. ;)



Thanks for sharing :P

China Southern doesn’t operate a 77W. However, they operate a 777-300, but I don’t think there’s been any indication that the 777-300 is being added. Might be a 772 or a freighter?


China southern operates a daily 77W flight CAN-JFK, and I presume other destinations using the aircraft. They do operate it

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Ah, my bad. is wrong, then…


The dropdown menu at the top of the page only lists the general variant. When you go into the bottom charts that list every aircraft they fly, it’ll be specified as an ER


Is that the SIA B772 behind the ANZ B773?

If it is i will lose my head. and go insane :O

I feel like it is…

Well it’s a new aircraft. How were we supposed to see windows on it? -.-

Its too long to be a B772, its a B77W apparently :/
The existing one

When I zoomed in fully, the screenshot was too blurry to tell. Jesus, just chill. It’s not a big deal. The topic can easily be changed.

I was talking about the Singapore airlines plane. Go check what i replied to :)

Maybe you can change your tone. Some people can take some things as offensive if you word something in such a way.

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