China Express Airlines CRJ-900

On December 31st, 2015, China Express Airlines ordered 10 more CRJ-900s, raising their total order number to 38.

China Express Airlines is a regional airline based in ZUCK (重庆江北国际机场, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport). Their fleet consists of only Bombardier CRJ-900 type aircraft.

I would personally like to see this livery added mainly because then I could do regional routes in China. In my opinion, I also think that it looks nice and simplistic.

No, this is not a duplicate.

I hope this post is positive enough.

Beautiful aircraft! The livery goes very well with it! I would vote for it if I had some :(.


Such a beautiful livery, fits nicely in the CRJ.


Since the crj 700 is confirmed, I want to bump this up. Hopefully we see more Chinese airlines coming in with this future updates!

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I agree! Unfortunately I’m outta votes

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Few airlines have CRJs in China, and I have a strong desire to see this livery in IF, voted it!

@JacobVanZanten, China Express Airlines CRJ-900 has been confirmed.

Congratulations on having this feature request confirmed! :D