China Eastern Creates An A330-200 "Combi"

…Something like that.


Similar to KLM’s 747-400 Combi, which has a mix of passenger seats and cargo storage on the main deck of the aircraft, China Eastern has created its own “Combi” aircraft.

China Eastern is using some of its A330-200 aircraft to transport medical supplies between China and Europe.

After all necessary seats were stripped out of the plane, only 42 Economy Class seats and all Business Class seats were left in case there are passengers traveling.

It’s unconfirmed which China Eastern A330-200s have this “Combi” configuration at the moment, but apparently the first one already flew to Prague, Czech Republic to transport medical supplies to the city.


Really nice job by China Eastern and their team for quickly creating this special aircraft. During this time especially, cargo flights are crucial for the world.


Hmm, pretty smart move to combine cargo and passenger together. With fewer passengers, there is a lower demand meaning fewer seats. This would allow for more cargo to be sent to those in need

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Is this going to require a new type? Like the CRJ-550?

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I think combi is a misleading title, they aren’t carrying very dense cargo, it’s mostly masks and other medical supplies. It was already transported in the passenger cabin, tied down to the seats.
This just removes the seats to open up more space.
Individual pallets now can just be secured to the seat tracks and since masks are so light there is no need for a crash wall to protect the flight deck.

I doubt the remaining seats would be sold for revenue, Seats for support staff and a loadmaster seems more likely.

Even if the seats go out with pax, that still wouldn’t make it a combi.

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Pretty sure it doesn’t since it’s just modifying the seat count.

Fixed it 😉

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We all know that nothing, and I mean nothing will be a better “combi” than the 737-200Cs operating up in northern Canada.


I miss our 200Cs in Alaska


That’s a pretty smart move, compared to American just carrying cargo in the Cargo Bay.


Along with the 400 Combi. Had a chance to fly on one shortly before they retired. Maybe we will see a 700 Combi in the future 🤭

Back to the topic, an A330 Combi. Interesting… I know it’s not a official “Combi” but its interesting none the less.

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But didn’t they have to get special types for the CRJ-550 because the FAA felt it would be a significant change to W&B? That’s why it got a new designation not just CRJ-700 with business class…

I mean this is obviously very different from a business class CRJ, but I’m curious if something similar could apply…

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Actually nvm, my response was stupid.

Taken from FlightGlobal:

The CRJ550 will have a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 65,000lb (29,500kg) – 10,000lb less than the CRJ700, notes the Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA), which represents United’s pilots. That MTOW reduction will enable the CRJ550, once certified, to meet the definition of a 50-seat jet under the terms of United’s contract with pilots, ALPA notes.

So not sure if China Eastern has a similar policy…


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