China Eastern Boeing 777-300ER

About China Eastern
China Eastern is based in Shanghai and a member of Skyteam. It’s the second largest airline by passenger count in Asia. With its primary hub in ZSPD and ZSSS, the airline has a fleet of 496 planes and 217 destinations.

Why This Plane and Livery

  1. As mentioned above, China Eastern is one of the biggest airlines in China and Asia. Yet somehow Infinite Flight does not have a single livery for China Eastern! China Eastern isn’t even in the callsign list!
  2. As an international student from Shanghai, I take this B777 on flight MU587/588 between ZSPD and KJFK 4-6 times a year. I’ll be flying on it again next Saturday for the 16th time back home after 3 months. Therefore it’s a really significant flight and plane for me personally. I’ve been using Air China as a replacement. But help me make my dream come true!

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I’ll flag it for you so a mod can close it :)
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Keeping this one as there’s more info here.

In the future we just ask that you seek prior permission to recreate feature request of an existing request. I’m all for more detailed feature requests. 🛫


Thanks Deer! Appreciate it.

Thanks! Saw you flying to Paris✈️

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Well, I mean, if it isn’t a livery it’s not going to have a callsign 🤷‍♂️


We need it! Pleas before August, not trying to be greedy though…


Thanks for the support!

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No problem, anything I can fly to KPIT I want to fly!

Actually China Cargo is China eastern so???

Well… I did thought about that before posting but you just can’t tell yourself you are flying a passenger jet while in a 77F right? :)
On another note, I’m actually surprised that IF didn’t add China Eastern livery because they did include some smaller Chinese airliners.
Ex: Xiamen Airline on the 787, Shandong Airline on the CRJ700 and upcoming China Express on the CRJ600(I think)


I agree the passnger thing is much diffrent!

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I agree, we definitely could use a China Eastern livery and I’m actually surprised we don’t have any yet!

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I’ve spotted this livery before! I’m sure it would look great. Out of votes, though :/


Well that is the Cargo variant, and i do get what you’re saying but i’d personally love to have the 777-300ER, a passenger variant to be able to perform real life long haul flights such as Los Angeles —> Shanghai.

I’d like to fly a route like that with a chinese airliner rather than a American Airline like United… and what better way is there to do it than with China Eastern which also happens to be my favorite Chinese Airline out of the bunch 🤩


I wanna do the KPIT - ZSPD charter flights! * cough cough KPIT *

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Guess who else does?


Would be a great addition to the B777 fleet as we don’t have that many central and east-asian B77W in the IF Fleet yet

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