China Eastern Boeing 737-800

China Eastern ~ Boeing 737-800

All photo credits to YiJing Hou

About China Eastern Airlines

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China Eastern airline is a major Chinese airline operating international, domestic and regional routes. Its main hubs are at Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. China Eastern Airlines is China’s second-largest carrier by passenger numbers. (After China Souther airlines).

China Eastern Airlines & the B737

China Eastern has 138 Boeing 737s. 101 of them are the Boeing 737-800 variant. They fly numerous domestic and international route with this aircraft.

Why I want this livery

There is a lack of chinese airlines in Infinite Flight. As this great app continues to grow, I hope we could promote the Asia region, and get more people to see the amazing scenery this region has.

Any feedback at all, about this request to format, please let me know!

We need it, I’m a massive fan of China Eastern


We have the Callsign, all we need id the Livery ;)

Been flying the Generic 777 with China Eastern callsign a lot, so it’d be nice to have the livery either one for maximum realism :)

Yes, I have voted on the 777 China Eastern Livery! And now… this one too ;)

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Do we have China Eastern A340?

As of now we no aircraft with the China Eastern livery, except Cargo King… which is China Eastern’s Cargo Subsidary (Boeing 777F)

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We should definitely have China Eastern A340

Well,loved this livery as well as thread but unfortunately I’m out ot votes but you have m6 full support for this

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Vote for the Rework here, and we might see the China Eastern Livery added along with it in the future .)

And keep all other posts and thought related to the current topic, China Eastern B737-800, Thank You.


I really wanna see this livery because I’ve been on that airline.

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Though I’m out of votes (bc I’m now putting votes on new features and A330 liveries) I would like to give this a bump. Here are some reasons to vote for it:

Current there’s a lack of short-haul aircraft for China. Some may say we have CA A319 and B737. But the routes for these two aircraft are almost the same, and limited to some connecting flights to the class charlies. This has made a large number of non-hub class bravos (like ZSHC, ZHHH, ZLXY, etc.) hugely underrepresented. Almost no one fly there, even under ATC service, while IRL they are all very busy airports.

Besides, if this is added, the presence of China Eastern in IF will be basically complete. We can have this for short to medium haul, A359 for long haul, and B77F for cargo.

Just like finnair super simple but so elegant and clean love it some airlines just are made for being simple

Completely agree. There are so many cool airports in China but they are never busy, even with ATC, other than Shanghai Pudong, Beijing Capital and maybe Chengdu on a good day.

It goes without saying that we would see an increase in people flying within China if more liveries were added. I think this livery would be one of many which would help a lot. Sadly I do not have a vote to spare for this as my votes are on other Asian/Chinese liveries + airlines which cover underrepresented regions, but I am in full support of this.

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The lack of China eastern short haul bothers me so much I rather add China Eastern 737-800, A320, and 737-700