China Eastern Airlines (B-2171) MD-11. 1991-2006

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I saw check on the google information is an aircraft with airlines for China Eastern Airlines only old livery for true story the history of MD-11 (6) series originally first passengers last service transferred to Cargo then and last fleet of retired in the year 2006. China Eastern Airlines largest hub of Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport (ZSPD/PVG) and domestic Shanghai Hongqiao Int’l Airport (ZSSS/SHA).

Credit Photo from Van Lint Christophe. China Eastern Airlines (B-2171) MD-11. September 26, 2003 at the Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT/RJAA).

China Eastern Airlines MD-11:
  1. B-2170 October 31, 1991 to April 9, 2006.
  2. B-2171 May 24, 1991 to January 25, 2006. ← First emergency Flight 583 from ZSSS/SHA to KLAX/LAX and diverted to landing at Shemya Air Force Base, Shemya, Semichi Islands, Alaska, USA. During passengers past the plane was a damaged from the sky at late night the last on April 6, 1993.
  3. B-2172 May 22, 1992 to March 18, 2005.
  4. B-2173 October 1, 1992 to August 15, 2005.
  5. B-2174 December 16, 1992 to January 1, 2006.
  6. B-2175 December 20, 1993 to June 19, 2006.

If you will interesting in game more vote request the MD-11 (pax) able to join new game on IF in the future have fun!

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If I remember correctly, this plane used to serves Shanghai to New York or Shanghai to US west coast.
Many old memories…


Cool i hope that IF developers add this livery cuz they don’t have chinese airlines here on IF.


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Yes, they did, I see dang that’s sad aircraft is part of them in the China.

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China Eastern Airlines MD-11 (B-2171) November 1, 1997, at VHHH.


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