China Eastern Airlines A321 (old livery) B-1813

China Eastern Airlines A321 (old livery)

Reasons to vote for it:

  1. Many of China Eastern’s aircraft have changed to the new plain white livery. B-1813 is among the only few aircraft that still uses the old livery till today. With this livery we can do both historical and present CES routes.

  2. There’s a huge lack of short haul aircraft for China in IF. The CA A319 and B737 is mainly used for connecting class bravo airports to the charlies. Therefore a large number of non-hub class bravos (like Xi’an ZLXY, Hangzhou ZSHC, Shenzhen ZGSZ, etc.) is left underrepresented. Almost no one fly there, even under ATC coverage. An addition of a larger narrow body like A321 can make these airports more busy, just like in real life!

  3. With this, the China Eastern fleet can be more complete in terms of range. We can use this for short to medium haul non-hub connection, A350 for long haul and hub-connection, and B77F for cargo.

  4. The waistline design and the color mixture looks perfect to me! The new livery looks too blank.

Its destinations include: (except those famous hubs)
Nanjing (ZSNJ), Shenyang (ZYTX), Zhengzhou (ZHCC), Urumqi (ZWWW), Xiamen (ZSAM), Haikou (ZJHK), Sanya (ZJSY), Hong Kong (VHHH and maybe VHHX), New Chitose (RJCC), Narita (RJAA), Manila (RPLL), and so on.

Please vote if you like it!

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