China Eastern Airbus A350-900


China Eastern Airlines Airbus A350!
China Eastern Airlines’First Airbus A350 Just deliver!It is now on a commercial flight from Beijing to Shanghai.

Serial Number:248
Mood S:781581
Code :MU/CES

AIRLINE:China Eastern Airlines
Type Code :A359

P from Airport:ZSOF Take by my friend.


Problem is, we’d need the A350 first…


I believe will appear in infinite flight in the near future.


I would give it another 18 months


This looks very good


In my eyes it looks pretty boring, no offfense but there absolutely no color accents. Not the biggest fan.


Will Everyone has their different likes:)You can agree or disagree.


Please don’t make this topic got to serious this is just a topic on a aircraft livery idea.


I‘m not trying to make this topic too serious, it’s simply my opinion and to have a good discussion it’s important to have different opinions. :)


It will need another 5 years at least.


If it really appears,l will feel pleasant.


Would like to see this in Infinite Flight