China Eastern Airbus A340-600

China Eastern is on only one plane in the game (long haul plane A350) and I and I’m sure others could use it on the A340 also.


As for all Features requests, you must only have one picture.

This topic is a duplicate, but one i’ve linked is inactive, so you can flag this one.

It would be greatly appreciated if you added some substance, something like this.

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That can probably be closed, it doesn’t have a vote and is nearly 5 years old


China needs to be featured more for sure. Surprised no Chinese airport made it into this update. Even RCTP would have made my day.

That being said, I do think it would be much better to feature something like the A321. The A346 is in the same class as the A359.

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I’m currently giving all my votes to A330 liveries, but you do have my support. Hope it comes when getting a full rework.

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