China Eastern A330-300

We should add the China Eastern A330. Because there is not enough Chinese planes in the game, like @dca.iad.aviation said. We must all agree to add more Chinese planes in the game. Make sure you vote to show you agree.

China Eastern is a big Chinese airline similar to China Southern and Air China. A330 is a good plane that they have.

This is a duplicate post but I think it is allowed after a long time?

I don’t think so.

You should flag the old one before posting, and wait for mod’s permission. They’ll probably allow this though. Also please specify the variant of A330!


oh ok A330-300

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also I want to ask, not rude, is infinite flight banned in China?

I am not sure if they are banned, but I believe all the login methods are banned. That can make it difficult.

There are quite a few users here in China, some are even IFATC!

I know, but I ask do they need to do something special to unban infinite flight or is it banned?

almost tail strike


No, that’s an optical illusion. The thing that looks like the rear is hitting is actually a taxiway further in the distance. The runway is at the far bottom of the image, I say the aircraft is about 30-40 feet off the ground in this image.

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I like to takeoff on the taxiway


We only have 1 china eastern airline so its time for another one folks

Voted. TBH though I’d rather see a narrowbody.

We just need more Chinese airlines in general…

Yeah unfortunately IF required VPN before 20.2

I really hope we can truly add more China Eastern liveries to the game!

Surprised no one is giving this attention. Pretty good domestic network you can fly with this, especially with the Xi’an FNF.

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World taste, oriental charm~

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Yes we need another Chinese livery

Really want to butter this in IF

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