China Eastern A321

Photoed by IFCN-HD

1.China Eastern Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in China,its main hub it’s at Shanghai Hongqiao Intl. Airport and Shanghai Pudong Intl. Airport.
2.It operates scheduled national services throughout whole China,and International services throughout Europe, Asia and North America,some parts in Africa,South America and Oceania.
3.China Eastern Airlines has 77 A321-200 in its fleet.
4.I think its livery is beautiful and the Infinite Flight may have more Chinese Airlines,to let the people all over the world could know more about China
5.That’s all,wish we can fly China Eastern A321-200 in Infinite Flight in the future
Thank you for taking your time to watch!
Which aircraft do you want to fly in the future,please tell me.

  • B77w(Air China)
  • B77w(China Eastern)
  • B77w(China Southern)

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Nice! Let me free up a vote for this.

And those are very interesting Poll results…

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Thank you very much

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We need China Eastern liveries… there are non in the game RN

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Correct,there are fever Chinese Airlines liveries in IF

Nice request. We haven’t got any planes with China Eastern livery yet.

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I agree with you,there’re fever Chinese airlines liveries in Infinite Flight.

We need China Eastern liveries!

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I agree. We definitely need more Chinese airlines liveries.

Agreed, more Chinese needed.

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Exactly,there are now more Chinese player in IF

We need it. China Eastern is the second largest airline in Asia after China Southern. Need more China Eastern Airlines liveries.

That’s right.There is already China Eastern livery on A359 and B77L,for Chinese player,they like to fly domestic,so more Chinese liveries needed

not even 77L. It’s the cargo version.