China Airlines Virtual Official Thread

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A New VA
Hi there! I’m the President of China Airlines Virtual. Here at China Airlines Virtual, we give you an enjoyable experience when you fly with us.

@AppleOneGT - CEO
@Tsung-Jui_Lee - COO
@TheCuriousPilot - Event Manager
@Samflic - Flight Logger

Positions Available
-Head of ATC

Our fleet currently has 6 aircrafts including our cargo, the 737, the A330 and 40, the 747-4 and 8, and our latest one, the 777.

Why Us?
Here at China Airlines Virtual, we believe that every VA should give their customers an enjoyable experience when they fly.

Thank You!
Thank you for your cooperation! If you would like to see our website, click here.


Good luck with your new VA!

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Thxs! Appreciate it.

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Good luck from Haggis Wings VA!

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Glad to see Asia being represented more and more in the densely contested European and American market of VA’s !

Oh and good luck from me personally and BA VA ! :)


@Flightfan84 @Bobby @Joshua_Fleming @ewanfleming @PlaneCrazy

Please read the following

One good luck from someone. No need for 5.


Fair enough, withdrawn. Thanks for the info.

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I am fully aware of that and made sure I added more context to my post to ensure that it wasn’t a typical ," good luck from ." :)


Wow. I knew this VA was coming! I wish I can join, but I’ve been too busy with my life and I’m already a member in a VA. I hope your VA earns a lot of attention, and I think this VA will be a success!

Sorry - didn’t see that bit of the post.

Hopefully the airline’s safety record isn’t as bad as the one IRL.

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We are still looking for recruits, and pilots!

would love to apply but the website isn’t working for me?

Alright I fixed it! There was a problem with

Great it works!! Thanks

Your website is pretty good, one of the better ones that I’ve seen. My only recommendation is to change the text color or pictures in some of the descriptions, as it is kind of hard to read.

Thxs! I’ll consider doing that.

Standardise a text colour, it looks more professional. If you need, use a translucent text box.

Good luck from you partner! Etihad airways IF!

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We are looking for a new COO? Anyone?