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Creating Wonderful Moments Through Flying


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China Airlines Virtual was founded on 26th of February, in the year of 2021. China Airlines started out as an idea between friends in early 2020, prior to the massive COVID-19 outbreak. During then, there simply wasn’t enough time to multi-task, now China Airlines Virtual or CIVA, has grown into a full blow VA and will strive to provide a unique and memorable experience.

CIVA has a rather small routes databse with 44 destinations worldwide. But with the help of our codeshare partners all over the world and with Skyteam, we have expanded that to over 500 destinations worldwide.

These routes are our mainline routes. We have routes to 5 out of 7 continents.

With out massive codeshare network, we expand that to 6 out of 7 continents and hundreds of cities worldwide.

CIVA Executive
@Marquatzi -CEO and Founder @Hiring - COO
@Captain_Benjamin - Head of Internal Affairs @Hiring - Head of External Affairs
CIVA Staff
@Dream_Chaser - Chief Pilot @Hiring - Career Mode Manager
@Hiring - Recruiter @Twice_Tzuyu - HR Manager
@Hiring - Events Manager @Hiring - Routes Manager

China Airlines Virtual has every aircraft that China Airlines Group and its subsidiaries operate. This includes aircraft from Tigerair Taiwan and Mandarin Airlines. We also have 50+ different aircraft/liveries that we operate via codeshare routes.

China Airlines Owned Aircraft

China Airlines Mainline

Aircraft & Livery
Aircraft Livery
Airbus A321-200 Generic
Airbus A330-300 China Airlines
Airbus A350-900 China Airlines
Boeing 737-800 Generic
Boeing 777-300ER China Airlines

TigerAir Taiwan

Aircraft & Lvery
Aircraft Livery
Airbus A320-200 Generic

Mandarin Airlines

Aircraft & Livery
Aircraft Livery
Embraer E190 Generic
Embraer E195 Generic

Our Ranks

Rank Requirement
Second Officer Pass Checkride/80% on written exam
First Officer 15 - 44 Hours
Senior First Officer 45 - 99 Hours
Captain 100 - 209 Hours
Senior Captain 210 - 214 Hours
Cargo Pilot 215 - 374 Hours
Chief Pilot 375 - 624 Hours
Regional Chief Pilot 625 Hours

Here at CIVA, we run multiple programs to satisfy each pilots needs. Whether this be career mode or a normal airman program, we believe on being a VA with unique programs. Our VA consists of the following programs.

Airman Program

All Pilots will begin with the Airman program. This program unlocks aircraft the more you fly and the more hours you file through PiReps. We have a large number of aircraft that pilots may fly along with a weekly schedule that provides pilots with flight time multipliers to boost their ranks faster.

Career Mode Program

Our Career mode program has been revamped! We start with a flight test to make sure you are fit and good to fly that aircraft. To fly a new aircraft, a pilot must take a ground test about whichever aircraft they are requesting. If they pass, they will schedule a flight test with an executive member which will determine whether they are approved to move on to a new aircraft.

We at CIVA welcome you whole-heartedly. If you wish to apply as a pilot, please click here you want to join as a staff member click here.

Pilot Requirements

  • At least 13 years of age
  • An ACTIVE pro subscription
  • At least TL1 on IFC
  • Access to Discord and Google suites
  • A violation to landing ratio of no more than 0.50
  • A legitimate email address

Staff Requirements

  • At least 14 years of age
  • At least TL2 on IFC
  • Be active on the Discord Server
  • Be able to do a flight once every two weeks.
  • Must be able to communicate with other staff members

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