China Airlines VA Recruitment Flight @ WSSS - 082000ZAPR17

emphasized textServer: Training 1

Region: Singapore

Airport: WSSS

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: *Welcome to a China Airlines VA Recruitment Event, we’ll be at Singapore Changi Airport(WSSS). Here we will test your skills, if you want to join China Airlines with a nice first impression, or you can come for fun. Of course, if we like you, we will PM you for you to join us. So comment down below for a gate and aircraft. We will be taking off from WSSS, have a quick touch and go at WIBD, and land at WMKK. (Only China Airlines livery) More gates will be arranged if needed. At 2000Z we will take of on Runaway 20R, Aircraft will then do a touch and go at runway 04 at WBID. We finally land at WMKK Runway 32R.


Positions needed:
Head of ATC

Boeing 737-800(Generic)
Airbus A340(Generic)
Airbus A330-300
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 777-300ER

Gate C01: -appleonegt(Boeing 777-300ER)
Gate C11:-Martin_Munge(B777-300ER)
Gate C13: -Jovempiloto ( 737-800)
Gate C15: -Tsungjui3819 ( B747-400)
Gate C17: -Grasshopper (A330)
Gate C18: -joshua_Ellender ( B777-300ER)
Gate C19: -Keith34(A330)
Gate C20: -Luca_Lobato (A330)
Gate C22: -ABadPilot (A340)
Gate C23: -RedarPhel (A330)
Gate C24: -Xavier_Sanchez(B747-400)
Gate C25: -Abhishek_Bhattachary(B737-800)
Gate C26: - Captain28 (B777-300ER)
Gate D30:
Gate D32: -King_Ka(B777-33ER)
Gate D34:
Gate D35:


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There finished it took ages

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Could I participate?

Yes you can @Samflic what gate?

Friend, will it be when the date and time please?

GATE C11 and in A330-300

Gates C11 737-800 jovempiloto

@Jovempilotoi I moved you to Gate C13 because Sam already got the C11 Gate.

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I just wanted to let everyone know that the event is on the 8th of April.

I will be there in Boeing 747-400 on time.
Please give me a gate, thanks. :)

Please can I have gate c15 I will be in a A330

I will be there in Boeing 777-300ER if that’s okay you can choose my gate haha cheers

Hi! Please sign me in! Gate 15 AirBus 330 :)

Can I have a gate I will be flying a A330

I’ll take gate C15

Apologies for those requesting Gate C15 and not getting the gate those people would’ve been moved down to different gates this is because the first person to request for Gate C15 got it first then it went on order.

Hello, I would like to join you, any gate for me, will attend in an A330 ;)

Seven gates left Guys cmon don’t be the last to attend!

Please, let me in. 747-400.