China Airlines taking names for their A359 from the internet...

Oh well. Hopefully this works out nicely-would be a shame if one of these gorgeous aircraft got stuck with a frankly stupid name.

Since the two links airliners net provides are in Chinese, I have no idea what they say. If any folks out there who can read Chinese can pick the correct link to vote from, please comment the link below


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Next Planey McFace…


One aircraft is going to end up with the name of certain person who began WW2.


exactly what I was thinking

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@Boeing707… Max Provides translation Services for my friend @Boeing707. Taiwan; China Airlines (Taiwan Daily newspaper ad extract:)

華航 A350 飛行大使系列票選活動
2016 年起中華航空將陸續加入 14 架新飛機「A350」,他們被賦予全新升級「阿… More
Translate from Chinese

China Airlines A350 flight Ambassador Polls Events Series
2016 China Airlines will be added in 14 new aircraft , " A350 " , they were given new upgrade " Amsterdam ", " Vienna " heavy responsibility “Rome” and other European long-distance route !
China Airlines A350 new look , beautiful as the birds swoop posture , increase high-ceilinged space , temperature and humidity control wisdom , from the chair seat increase , widening … and other new seat comfortable interior, will allow passengers to enjoy the experience Even better long journey ! China Airlines A350 is the most beautiful flight ambassador to Taiwan, with a confident momentum , pride flying thousands of miles in altitude !
Taiwan’s subtropical climate , with abundant natural ecosystems and endemic bird species known around the world . China Airlines decided to use bird species unique to Taiwan to help the New Partnership " A350 " name. Through the assistance of the Chinese Wild Bird Society , the former two new machines will be well received by the people loved Mikado pheasant and Formosan blue magpie named , followed by 12 important task for the new machine name , it is over to you to vote ! End


@Ben_ny… And what orifice or authority did you squeeze that bit of cultural misunderstanding from Benny? The Chinese where the Masters of Asia when your ancestor where living in caves?

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China connection? How about Gereralisamo Chang Ki Shek Stormy.

That’s Aer Lingus’ plane dush, how could you forget.

(This is not real it was a joke Aer Lingus had on Facebook)


I vote Helen. Helen sounds cool.

There names are better than Boaty McBoatface!

Apparently it says choose 3 birds below and post them on facebook and the three with most votes/pictures wins and gets the bird name as the A350’s name.

I’d chose mikado (for those of you into trains :) )

Hey! RENFE here! :)

Unfortunely, not only the name. But, the livery tho. It would become like this

I guess we can call it 公雞 (Rooster) 😂


At least it looks good

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