China Airlines receives their first A350-900 UPDATED

China airlines has taken delivery of its first ever Airbus A350-900 aircraft from Toulouse earlier today. This is the first of 14 aircraft with 6 options. The Aircraft will be used for crew familiarization flights to Hong Kong and some other regional destinations.

photo: The Business Traveler

The configuration will be 32 business class, 31 in Premium Economy and 243 for economy.

Business Class


Premium Economy Class

Economy Class

The aircraft will be applied with a special livery. CAL has also stated that all of their A350’s will be applied with a special livery. The liveries are birds only found in Taiwan. The first being the ‘Mikado Pheasant’.

If you are a spotter, the best place to spot the China Airlines A350 will be in Taipei and Hong Kong. Until January once they have more aircraft they will launch Taipei-Amsterdam. Vienna and Rome will soon follow after.

What do you think?


No picture 😔

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Here you go. :)


Don’t kill me, but I think the A350 (and 787) have ugly noses.

I used to think the same thing. When I first saw a 787 I hated it, but I’ve grown to like it now. I think it’s the fact that the nose is a continuation of the main fuselage as opposed to a seperate nose cone (or at least it looks that way) which I didn’t like.

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Meh. Concorde beats all though.

Wow. So disgusting.

There will be a livery applied to it once it reaches Taipei.

If it still flew it would be my favourite aircraft. However it’s nothing more than an exhibit now, so it’s up for debate whether it’s even truly an aircraft any more as it isn’t airworthy.

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Wow. so awesome!

Wow that looks beautiful.

Love the premium economy cabin.

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