China Airlines 'Mikado Pheasant' Airbus A350-941XWB

China Airlines ‘Mikado Pheasant’ (B-18908)


B-18908 | Airbus A350-941 | China Airlines | Tommy Yeung | JetPhotos

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The Airbus A350-941XWB

The Airbus A350 XWB is a family of long-range, twin-engine wide-body jet airliners developed by European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The A350 is the first Airbus aircraft with both fuselage and wing structures made primarily of carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer. Its variants seat 280 to 366 passengers in typical three-class seating layouts. The A350 is positioned to succeed the A340, and compete with the Boeing 787 and 777.

China Airlines

China Airlines (CAL) is the national carrier of Taiwan and its largest airline. It is headquartered in Taiwan ‘Taoyuan’ International Airport and operates over 1400 flights weekly (including 91 pure cargo flights) to 102 cities across Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.


Specifications Amount
Cockpit Crew 2 people
Seating 325 (typical), 315 (48B+267Y), 440 (maximum)
Length 66.8 m (219 ft)
Aspect ratio 9.49
Wingspan 64.75 m (212.4 ft)
Wing sweep 31.9°
Wing area 442 m2 (4,760 sq ft)
Overall height 17.05 m (55.9 ft)
Fuselage width 5.96 m (19.6 ft)
Fuselage height 6.09 m (20.0 ft)
Cabin width 5.61 m (18.4 ft)
Engines RR Trent XWB (Max Thrust : 374.5 kN (84,200 lbf))
Range, maximum 15,000 km (8,100 nmi) (With Passengers and Baggage)
Cruise speed (typical) Mach 0.85 (488 kn)
Cruise speed (maximum) Mach 0.89 (513 kn)
Maximum takeoff weight 280 t (617,000 lb)
Maximum landing weight 207 t (456,000 lb)
Maximum fuel capacity 140,795 t l (37,200 US gal)
Maximum zero fuel weight 192.0 tonnes
Maximum ramp weight 268.9 tonnes
Maximum Payload 16 tonnes
Track 10.60 m
Wheelbase 28.67 m
Cargo Capacity 36 LD3 or 11 pallets
Service Ceiling 43,100 ft (13,100 m)

My Opinion

This livery isn’t really well known, but it is one of the most beautiful liveries on the Airbus A350. I hope to see this come when the A350 is released.

Sources: Airbus A350XWB Family, China Airlines Wikipedia, Airbus

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If you are Asian u must vote this beautiful livery…
Proud to be Taiwanese


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Awesome livery! Love the artistic design on its base tail on the aircraft. Love China Airlines too! Nearly all aircrafts include China Airlines in the Infinite Flight’s Fleet. This livery will be something we’d love when flying in the island of Taiwan. 👍

Slight note, I do not certainly think you need to add any specifications into the Airbus A350, just link the Airbus A350 thread, like all the other livery into Infinite Flight. 😉

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So glad to see how you present this beautiful livery of China Airlines
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This beauty would look great in the Infinite Flight skies.

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I think that livery is the Taiwan Blue Magpie.
Here’s the Mikado Pheasant:


But yeah beautiful livery


Looks good! Too bad it doesn’t fit with forum rules.

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