China Airlines / MD-11 / RCTP-VHHX

1) This morning I decided to do a short hop to Kai Tak because it is on the ATC-Sched. today.
Here you can see my take off, „cruising alt.“, approach and the famous bank angle

Server: Expert
Time Noon
Flight Time: 1 hour
Cruising altitude: 32000 feet

3) Photos


Great ones mate! I tried the approach into VHHX in an A350 yesterday AEST and I struck the wing on the ground causing me to crash infront of ATC :(


Thank you and oof 😂😅 Next time you will make it!

Gonna try A 747-8 into Kai Tak next :)

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I gave instant likes because it was a MD-11…

and i liked the pictures, especially the 6th

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Hey man nice flight, it’s funny that I see this as I am currently using a continental DC10 on my way from Seattle to Kai Tak

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Kai Tak, nice choice, and nice photos too! I’ve never been able to nail that approach well.

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Thank you!

Thank you! :D

Nice to see the MD-11 getting a bit of use!


Yes! Indeed :D