China Airlines/Boeing Livery 747-400

Seen this on plane spotting videos, would be a different type of Livery for IF.

This is interesting for a company to put this livery on one of their planes, still, I would love to see it!

Please give credit to the owner if this isn’t yours.


I love this! 1. I love china airlines livery. 2. I love Boeing house colors 3. Combine the two 😍😍😍😍

The photo could be more clearer too, not a small screenshot. (Try for some preparedness duh)

And why wouldnt you vote for it? More Votes = more chance of getting added

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Yeah, I couldnt find a better picture so I chose this one

He’s requesting the China Airlines B747-400 with the Boeing House Colours

I know, i edited my post.

That isn’t a correct photo

How is it not the correct photo? It looks exactly like China Airlines B747 to me.

China Airlines/Boeing Livery 747-400 is the title. Look at the first post

Yes I saw the post, my photo is the same livery but not the boeing house colours.

But that’s not the livery being requested! The livery being requested is the house colours

Judging by the title I thought he meant China Airlines and the Boeing Livery, oh well… I’ll delete my post.

It’s 1 livery combined

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