China Airlines announces TPE-ONT service

China Airlines announced recently that flights between Taipei and Ontario will take place using the Boeing 777-300ER 4x weekly starting in Spring 2018, with a chance of being increased to a once daily flight during peak season. The airline will be the first Asian carrier to fly into the airport. I find this as an amazing milestone for the airport.



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Ontario? They have service to LA.

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Why would they start service to Ontario when the closest international airport is Los Angeles? At least, it will be the first Asian airline to land there.

I wonder if they start service to KSNA. I would love that :D


Ontario is around 60 miles east of LAX, and SNA’s runway is too small to fit a 77W


This is a very interesting move, I used to live in Rancho Cucamonga, and always go to this airport. I’m not sure if I see as much international demand with flying here though. I would love to see how this plays out!

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I find it interesting as well, I would think they would fly into San Diego before Ontario.

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Ive flew into Ontario IRL from RDU via DFW. If more asian Carriers start doing this Ontario is going to get crowded. Why would anyone from Asia fly want to fly into Ontario. I mean the only thing there is the San Bernadino Mtns. And a In N Out like right outside the airport yum But your going to have to make the 1hr drive down I-10.


I hope more airlines take hint i.e. Air France, klm, Virgin Atlantic, and a few others.

Hmmm, seems suspicious🤔🤔. Anyways great to hear that they are getting away from all that busy traffic at KLAX and flying to KONT.

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I remember my mum saying that she saw some China Airline people over there in ONT. Maybe this could start a new thing for other international airlines (except Air Canada and AeroMexico) to go to ONT.

It might be a better option an LAX for some. LAX is more expensive to operate, has delays, has curfews, LA Traffic


I think the reason they might be doing this is to increase their capacity on the Taipei - Southern Cal route. I currently live in Taipei (although I am from the Netherlands) and I notice the amount of flights on the TPE LAX Route. The first one leaves early morning and they operate all the way through until midnight (when Taoyuan Airport closes). As such, I think there might be a limit on the number of flights that can be operated on this route, maybe because of pressure from Mainland China PRC government. Airlines such as KLM, Air France, etc would be less likely to use Ontario since they don’t have as many flights to LAX.
Therefore, in my opinion, this route opening is an attempt for CAL to increase their capacity into the region by using alternative airports.

I love China Airlines, it’s such a great and easy airline to fly with so I see this as a positive and great opportunity.

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But that means less contenting flights

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