China Airlines Airbus A330 Engine Shuts Down Mid Flight

Source: Simple Flying
Edits/added information: DutchPilot1

A China Airlines Airbus A330 on the route from Hong Kong to Taipei with 243 passengers onboard was forced to shut down an engine mid-flight and return to Hong Kong.

China Airlines flight number CI-922 was on route to Taipei when passengers heard a large boom from the right-hand engine as the aircraft was climbing above 27,000 feet.

Flight crew reacted immediately shutting down the right side General Electric CF6 turbofan engine and descended to 11,000 feet.

After burning off fuel the A330-300 successfully landed back at Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok Airport some 90 minutes after take-off.

Passengers were subsequently booked on another aircraft for the relatively short 1hr 55 min flight.

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According to @Chris_S

Yes, I know. But I’ve seen @RotorGuy do many stuff like this. This isn’t that tiny either :)

I only do helicopter incidents, IFC isnt to thrilled about them and typically shuts it down. I am a for a section involving incidents only but that’s me

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