China Airlines A350

NO this is not a feature request so before you go and say “it is a repost” just know that this IS NOT A LIVERY REQUEST

Hi, I am will and I am going to soon be going on a China Airlines A350 from Brisbane-Taipei-London. I have flown with China airlines once before when I went to Vietnam in December 2017, I went on there A330-300 which I must say is quite nice except for the old ones which are horrible. But I have also gone on there 777-300ER from Taipei-Hanoi which was one of the best aircraft I have been on.

So i am going to be going on the A350-900 and i wanted to know the downsides and upsides to it. so if you have been on one can you please do me a favour and tell me downsides and upsides.



Hello there

Feature requests are not the only off topic topics that are made. Your topic is a prime example

Please post this and people will be able to follow your flight. Once you have a trip report, feel free to make the post.

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If its in #real-world-aviation then why would we think is a feature request?

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Because a certain group of people see a title, read the first sentence then copy and paste a pre-made response they got from a mod.


It isn’t a “track me!” thread i just wanted to know what the plane was like

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A perfect example is me, i’ll see myself out


Are you simply asking us what the A350-900 is like to fly with?
In that case I’ll say from my own experience that it’s very quiet. So quiet that i went to sleep in matter of minutes after takeoff. I can’t say much as i was asleep but it’s like anyother modern aircraft. Very smooth ride and as i already stated very quite. I thought a couple of times if i even was on a plane or not? 😂

Anyways i highly recommend taking the 350-900.
The only downside which doesn’t have to do with the aircraft directly is that the cabin pressure wasn’t correctly adjusted to 100% to suite my form of breathing but wether that has to do with the pilots or not I’m not sure about that, most likely the pilots error.

Nothing life threatening and they the pilots eventually fixed the issue mid flight. So 350-900 is recommended by me. And with only one flight so far that I’ve made where i pretty much slept through the whole flight. I’ll give it a 7.5/10!

But the 777 isn’t a bad idea either. Still today one the best and modern planes out there.

Whichever you go for you won’t be disappointed. The A350-900 all i can say is is that it’s very quiet not noisy. The engines don’t make much sound as a 747, 787, 777, 330, 380, etc…

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I know how you feel. The China Airlines A330 I went on was really old.

Meanwhile the 777 was partly good, I’ll give you that.

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Here ya go


Wow thank you for that it really helps!

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Ah yes! A video! i should of looked it up before. OOPSIE

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