China Airlines A350 Painted

©a350_production - via Instagram


All these liveries on the A350! All the 787 needs is a darker cockpit, and it will look identical to the A350!


This plane looks great in those colors. Can’t wait for VS to get their A350-1000!

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Please stop comparing these planes, it’s on pretty much every A350 topic, we don’t need these planes compared this topic is showcasing a new livery on a plane that’s not as similar to the B787 as you think and mainly shares similar aesthetics that’s it!

I’m just saying how similar they look! I like both planes!

I know but it’s so common now on most A350 topics for people to say how it’s a copy and Things like that and I’m sure you will agree as it take away from the topic itself but I understand it’s a opinion which you are free to voice :)

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