China Airlines A350-900

isnt it nice? this is litreary GEOURGUS


The China airlines livery looks like the plane is frowning.


Yes it’s nice

Never have been a fan of China Airlines livery. The colors just never seemed to work with each other.

The front looks nice!

just the tail…

just the tail

Exactly what I thought.

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Voted! This livery would be an awesome addition to the A350 as I’ve personally flown in one before and would love to fly it in the simulator :)


With the A350 now confirmed I’d like to see this livery hopefully encourage more flying in a beautiful part of the world!

Trust me, devs won’t forget to add this amazing livery

For China Airlines, I like their Carbon Fiber more ;) Such a special livery

I don’t think you can fly with it, or taxi. 😂😂😂


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Lets have both ;)

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Didn’t see this beauty in the video teaser please be added…


This livery looks gorgeous, I agree with the livery

I hope this livery makes it into the update. Sorry, I don’t have votes left.

I’m hella excited and grateful for the a350, but I’ll be disappointed if the devs didn’t include the China airlines livery; in the end, this is a simulator right? Plus they were the first few airlines with the -900 delivered.

There’s part of the livery only as stated by the developers, I doubt they should have created this livery. Stay positive :)

can close this, it’s been added.
Thank you devs.

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