China Airlines A330 (Taiwan Based Company!)

Hey everyone, I made sure this isn’t a duplicate and if it is, god I suck at digging old posts lol. But I was hoping that the current livery of China Airlines stays! As it is a big A330 user in Asia, it should stay. Here’s what it looks like!

(China Airlines Livery A330-300 - Doodles - Gallery - Airline Empires)

That’s where I got it from (not my work)

If this is a features request, we already have the China Airlines A330-300 in the simulator. I don’t believe requests for aircraft to stay are permitted, though I guess we’ll see. I would love to see this livery pushed through to the new A330.

It’s not a thing he created. He found it on the internet. He’s requesting if the livery will stay for the A330 rework

Anyway, I’m sure IF will keep this livery.

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Got it, thank you lol

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