China Airlines 777-300ER Boeing Livery

I thought about posting this for a while and I looked and nobody has done it so hopefully I don’t start making a trend but the China Airlines 777 Dreamliner Livery would make a great addition to IF

  • Yes, It should be
  • No, not really

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Credit to the Author (China Airlines), not my photo


Its not Dreamliner…
By the way, China Airline is the first airline to to co-operates with Boeing(as the picture shown)
Anyway, nice livery

Hahaha true… it’s not the Dreamliner… Boeing should give a new name to the 777 lol

Anyways I usually give my like to Singapore Airlines and El Al Israel Airlines requests but this is simply too amazing to ignore! :D

Boeing 777 Dreamcatcher (trademarked by me, Boeing will have to pay me if they would like to use it).

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Hahahaha nice name… Fancy a multi-billion company paying you money just for that trademark 😂

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If they don´t pay me, its court time.

I have a feeling the rest will also suggest names… I suddenly thought of Dreamflyer and Dreamleader… Ok I’m drunk for the second one 😂

I just wanted to make the same post if they could add this beautiful looking livery!

You prefer this to the new Air Canada livery, I’m guessing @NewACLiveryisTrash ? :)
Nice livery - reminds me of the Spirit of Seattle livery for the 737.