China Airlines 777-300ER Boeing Livery

Today I am suggesting to the IFC the China Airlines Boeing Livery! This is one of my favorite liveries and has some very interesting background info.
The Boring Stuff:
China Airlines took delivery of its 10th B777-300ER on the 16th of May, 2016. It was a crucial aircraft for China Airlines, for it was a new aircraft, capable of doing Ultra Long Haul flights, expanding their route network.

The partnership between China Airlines and Boeing goes far back. Over the years they have bought the 707, 727, 737, 767 and 747. 2016 marked Boeing’s 100th year. To celebrate, China Airlines released their 777-300ER Boeing Livery.
“The China Airlines “Red Plum Blossom” tail fin with its graduated tones has been combined with the distinctive blue and white fuselage of Boeing to convey a sense of strength… It not only comes as a delightful surprise to aviation enthusiasts, but is also of great symbolic significance.” -China Airlines

Courtesy of China Airlines

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I dont know, I dont want to watse my votes.

Wanna see something trippy?

Look at the reflection of the engine on the fuselage, it almost looks like you can see Engine #1 through the fuselage… making the blue part of the fuselage look transparent.


Lovely livery, it’s awesome.

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Still remember their 747 in the boeing livery. It’s a shame that it’s gone but this one looks just as good

CI keeping their traditional going


That comment was unnecessary. Just don’t vote :) … I do believe the 777-300ER needs to add China Airlines to the IF Fleet!