Chilly weather spotting @KSRQ

Welcome back to yet another spotting topic today my grandma was flying back home so we went to watch.

First up is a JetBlue a320 heading to Boston

Second we have my personal Favorite the Delta 757-200 heading to Atlanta

Next we have another SouthWest special Livery this time being the Illinois One Livery

Next we have a Allegiant Departing for Cincinnati

We also have another Southwest Arrival which was a very nice landing considering the winds

Next we have an American Blasting off to Charlotte

And now a close up of this beautiful NetJets Private Jet

And yet another Allegiant this time an A319 heading to Pitsburg

And my grandmas plane arriving from JFK to pick her up

And fast forward 45 minutes we have her plane departing once again

Which one is your Favorite

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  • Image 10

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7 is my fav because its most clear

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The quality isn’t the best, but I can’t complain because my plane spotting camera is from 2003. 😂 otherwise great shots!


@Avaitor1 you have 11 pictures but the poll only has 10 options

Well my iPhone 12 is kit bad at the photos but they are not too bad

Image 2 is my favorite. Delta’s livery looks good on the 757 to me

Like you I had paraded around on my plane spotting adventures with just a phone - a iPhone 6s to be exact - for years and years, so kinda neat to see others doing it from time to time

So on the note of plane spotting with a phone camera, i thought I’d leave the below text here.

The phone cameras by themselves are fine, but the problems begin in the inevitable scenario you try to zoom. When zooming on most phones, it efficetively crops the image to “zoom” and make whatever your phone is pointed at look bigger. That makes a noticeable drop in picture quality and makes it looks pixelated and fuzzy.
Some higher end phones and many dedicated cameras have an optical zoom. It actually makes whatever the camera is pointed at bigger to the actual photo processor (i forget the actual name right now) so it doesn’t trim pixels off the make it look bigger.

that 757 doesnt have winglets, does it? love that

also, how chilly was “chilly”

Amazing quality and amazing photos!! My fav or the JB barcode and Delta 757

This 757 in particular did not but most of the 757 we get do also chilly as in about 52F and 16kt winds

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Also I am getting my moms camera soon I just don’t have it now because it’s in storage and we are moving

ameteur tempetures

For Florida that’s cold

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