Chilly Spotting @KMSP

I went spotting today at KMSP, and tested out two different locations.

The main goal (which I thankfully achieved), was to watch my grandpa’s flight take off for San Francisco.

Starting off with this Delta A319 landing in from San Antonio.

My grandpa’s 737-900ER taxiing over to runway 17 for takeoff. He’s in 4C, so he wouldn’t be able to see us, but still.

An A321neo heading out to Denver, past all this construction equipment here. I’m pretty sure they’re resurfacing some of the taxiways.

Not the best quality image, but a pretty interesting catch. This United 777-200 was parked after arriving last night with the New Orlean’s Saint’s NFL team aboard, ready to take on the Vikings this afternoon, before heading back home at around 5:00.

757-300 preparing to take off for Orlando. 20 year old ex-NWA ✏️

Baby Embraer getting ready to head on up to Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Allegiant arriving from Sarasota.

As we were driving away, Delta’s “Thank You” A321-200 flew right over us.

Which was your favorite shot?

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Nice pictures, i like that angle you got on the Allegiant. Also the Delta 757 is a nice image.

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Thanks! I started spotting at the official spotting location (where I caught the Delta plane) then moved over to where I dropped the pin, which is where I got the Allegiant flight.

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