Chillin in the TBM-930

I had a nice flight from Tallahassee (KTLH) to KeyWest (KEYW).KeyWest approach is one of the scenic approaches in IF.I love how when you are on final you have a stunning view of the different shades of blue water.It looks awesome!image


The plane doesn’t steer on the runway?

For takeoff

@N319CL I quite don’t get that what do you mean the rudder does steer the plane on the runway like the rudder steers every-plane on the runway

I mean that on the runway did it go off the side

Like what happens on the cirrus on Takeoff

@N319CL it all depends on the wind if you have a crosswind on takeoff day from the left you want to adjust your rudder a little to the left to try and maintain the centerline while tasking off so you can have a nice straight out departure while still lined up on the runway but in the air

Ok thanks @Zach007 and I’m sorry if it was irrelevant or off topic but I needed to get that off my chest

But great photos, and thanks for flying in the GA category( my favorite)

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Anytime but remember that isn’t my photo I just wanted to help @IF_Aviation1 was the photo taker which is a good photo

Oops sorry I thought it was you, @IF_Aviation1 great photos and

And @Zach007 I’m pretty sure your very good at your photos (meaning you have great shots also)

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Thanks man

Np and have a wonderful rest of your Day/Night